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About Me

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Hi!  I'm Rose.

For over 30 years I worked in sales and marketing. During this time I not only managed my own business, but I also assisted others in starting up their own businesses as well. 

As time went by and the Internet took over the marketplace, I adapted my skills and became web design and social media specialist.  I also volunteer with The Million Women Foundation as a freelance business coach and mentor.

My passion is being able to take my skills, successes, fails, and experience to "pay it forward" to the next person in line who wants to enjoy the freedom and pride of being a business owner.  


I live and work in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA.  I'm blessed to be able to be living my dream in such a gorgeous locale. Sometimes I'll just take off and head to the mountains with my grandkids and my Golden Retriever and listen to the gentle breeze through the pines.  It's an awesome life!

How Did I Get Here?

Growing up in the 60's and 70's I loved to watch all of my favorite shows on TV.  I especially liked the commercials, and my parents would often catch me standing in front of the mirror, holding a cereal box and mimicking the exact words of an ad I had just seen.  They knew, as did I, that I was destined to be an actress.

Long story short, my acting career never quite took off (unless you count that starring role I had in my third grade play), but I knew I had a future in sales and marketing.  So, in college I pursued studies in business administration and advertising.  Computers weren't a big thing back then, so most of my graphic design work was hand-drawn.  It didn't take long for me to get hooked on computer technology though!


My first computer was an Apple IIe - basically a big plastic box with the memory power of today's hand held calculator.  I quickly learned basic programming skills and was one of the pioneers to use a rudimentary Publisher program to design and print newsletters for small business owners. I realized then that working with computers - as well as helping small business owners look great in print - was my passion.

Grab your remote control and fast forward to 2020.  Although my website building and marketing business was growing by leaps and bounds, I  wanted to do something more with my talents and gifts and give something back to the world.   

My passion was, and continues to be, helping new entrepreneurs launch their business ideas out there in the world - and watching them succeed!  So, LAUNCH Media Group was born. 


I also joined The Million Women Foundation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring one million women to start and succeed at their own online business.

Won't you join me on this amazing journey?

Let's masterfully mold our dreams into reality... today!

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Ready to Take Action Toward Your Dreams?  Let's Get Started!

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