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Join Us in Creating
One Million
Women Entrepreneurs!

Yes, you read that right!  Here's the challenge:

I want to inspire one million women to become online entrepreneurs. One million women who can find their voice and shout it over the mountaintops. One million women who, by a sheer act of courage, choose to throw off the shackles of their past and venture into a life of success, adventure, and wealth beyond their wildest dreams.


Who are these women? It all starts with YOU and ME. Together, we can share our talents with others and offer a hand up to those who might need some encouragement or advice.


I truly believe that in all of us are Super Powers just waiting to be unleashed. What's your Super Power? Is it public speaking? Coaching? Artistic talent? Like me, maybe you're a computer and social media specialist? Or maybe you're just someone with a great idea and need some help getting it out there in the world. We are there to help you. That's what the Million Women Challenge is all about.


We are a Million Women who are sharing, inspiring, and collaborating with each other. There are two tiers of membership:


FREE:  Your free membership allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs on our Facebook page and search our Business Directory for help in all areas of coaching, course creation, and other pros.

BUSINESS:  Got a gift to share with others?  Advertise your business to the world!  We are looking for coaches, course creators, branding experts, social media gurus, and others who have "Super Powers" that will help inspire women entrepreneurs.  Premier Business Membership is only $39/month (USD) and includes a business listing in our directory, advertising on our Million Women Foundation Facebook page, plus business "boosts" that will appear on the timelines of tens of thousands of Facebook users interested in entrepreneurial studies, course creation, coaching services, and many others.


You might also feel inspired to donate to our Million Women Scholarship Fund, which helps those who cannot afford professional services to help launch their business.  Your tax deductible donation allows you to pay it forward!


So, let's join hands and inspire a million women - and BE the change you want to see in the world.

Women with Sparklers

The Million Women

Scholarship Fund

It's time to Pay it Forward, ladies! The Million Women Scholarship Fund is dedicated to assisting potential female entrepreneurs who are just starting out and need an extra financial boost to get their business off the ground.


This Scholarship is available to any United States resident who passes qualification criteria based on income and business concept.  Scholarships range from $500 to $2,500 and are awarded several times each year.  Scholarships are tax free and do not require repayment.  

Do you (or someone you know) need some extra help launching their online business? Get more information now by filling out our Membership Form!



Count Me In!

Free Membership

  • Access our private Facebook page and collaborate with other business builders and students

  • Browse our Business Directory for qualified help in all areas of coaching, course creation, branding, and other areas

Business Memberships

  • Premier Business Membership:  Advertise your services plus get one free post "Boost" every month that reaches thousands of Facebook users interested in your product/service - $39/mo


  • Pay It Forward by donating to the Million Women Scholarship Fund

  • Your donation goes to help fund a new entrepreneur in starting her business

  • Your name and/or business name will be listed in our Donor Directory

  • Your Donation is Tax Deductible

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