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The One Million Women Challenge

Updated: Jan 22

BE the Change that You Want to See!

I love the entrepreneurial spirit of women. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. We can sense each other's moves and emotions with uncanny accuracy. We are empaths, and always are looking for ways to nurture our society.

So, here's the challenge, and I'd love for you to join me. The challenge is to inspire one million women to become online entrepreneurs. One million women who can find their voice and shout it over the mountaintops. One million women who, by a sheer act of courage, choose to throw off the shackles of their past and venture into a life of success, adventure, and wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

Who are these women? It all starts with YOU and ME. Together, we can share our talents with others and offer a hand up to those who might need some encouragement or advice.

I truly believe that in all of us are Super Powers just waiting to be unleashed. What's your Super Power? Is it public speaking? Coaching? Artistic talent? Like me, maybe you're a computer and social media specialist? Or maybe you're just someone with a great idea and need some help getting it out there in the world. We are there to help you. That's what the Million Women Challenge is all about.

We are a Million Women who are sharing, inspiring, and collaborating with each other. It's FREE to join, unless you want to advertise your business in the Million Women online directory. You might also feel inspired to donate to their Scholarship Fund which helps those who cannot afford professional services to help launch their business.

So, let's join hands and inspire a million women - and BE the change you want to see in the world.

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